Sunday, December 23, 2012

In search of the perfect photo

This morning before church I thought Lana looked so stinkin' cute in her (too small) Christmas dress and felt the need to take pictures ASAP. I thought it would be easy. Cute girl + cute dress + snowy background = great photograph, right?

Uuuuh, not so fast.

First off, we had the "silly ham" Lana.

Then we had the "can't stand still" Lana.

I grabbed an old Christmas card, thinking if she had something in her hands, she might cooperate better.

Instead I got "eyes almost closed" Lana.

And then she was still and showed the card, but looks way too serious and sad.

Then, finally, finally, finally, the stars aligned, she held still, eyes open and a sweet smile!
And that apparently is what it takes to get the perfect photo.

(Professional photographers please note: if all amatures are as amature-ish as I am, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and will stay in business for a long, long time.)
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