Wednesday, June 18, 2008 far.....

I love summers in Pullman. I like that the students are gone and parking spaces are available. I like that there are no lines at restaurants and the movie theater. But this summer is different than all the others I've enjoyed in Pullman. This summer I have a great husband to share lovely Pullman with. Walks and bike rides are definitely more fun when there's someone to converse with.

We've seen two big summer movies so far. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty dang cool. Yes Indy is older and has graying hair and a few wrinkles, but he's just as smart and witty and funny and clever as always. We also saw The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian. This movie rocked. There was action and cool battle scenes and I just love all the Narnia characters. There was even a poignant scene or two that had me in tears.

In other Newlywed Lenssen News, we've decided to sell my pick-up. Yup, Gunner will (hopefully) soon belong to another. This makes perfect sense of course; Dan's truck is better and newer and all that and really, what do we need two full-sized rigs for? So alas, practicality rules and Gunner, my constant companion for these past 7 or so years has a FOR SALE sign in the window.

Doesn't he look nice all cleaned up?

On June 10th we were VERY suprised by a freak snowstorm. (There were tree branches down all over town and power was even out in some areas.) I ran home at lunch to pull in all my dear little potted plants and pull them to safety. After snapping a few pictures, I shook off as much snow as I could. Now, eight days later, it's 75 degrees and sunny and I think most of the plants are going to be okay, with the exception of my poor, sad little basil.

Okay, I just had to share the adorable picture. This is my niece, Sandy, and her mother happened to catch this wee one is a happy mood and showing off her new sun hat. Pictures like this just make me want to scoop up the sweetness and kiss her chubby cheeks a million times.

Well, that's all for now. We're looking forward to our Lynden visit over the 4th of July. Hopefully we can catch up with family and friends and enjoy the annual fireworks spectacular.