Monday, April 28, 2008

Some catching up.....

I know, long time, no blog. I have been super busy with work, my Guardian ad Litem mentorship and finishing out the required writing sample (it ended up being 16 pages...whew). I've also done scrapbook pages for kit club and for design team and still managed to go to my regular job everyday. None of it has been too exciting, so I don't feel bad about not blogging about the non-excitement.
Concerts- Dan and I worked 3 concerts this month. Elton John was loud and his fans were crazy and there were plenty of drunk Wazzu Moms to keep it interesting. He is quite talented though, and once everyone found their seat, I got to enjoy the show. Dierks Bentley was next and he was by far my favorite. Dan and I both really like a lot of his songs (several were played at our wedding) and since we were stationed on opposite ends of the stadium, we "flash-flirted" back and forth with our flashlights when our favorite songs would be playing. It was fun and I appreciated my dear husband's sense of humor. Dan did have a much rowdier section than I did and he announced to me at the end of the show that we would not ever be having a teenaged daughter. I wonder how he plans to see that one through? : ) The last concert was on Saturday night. Does anyone remember Ben Folds? I remember like 2 songs of his from college and that's about it. Anyway, apparently he's making a comeback and he's doing the college-tour thing now and sure used the f-word a lot. Wouldn't you think it would eventually become ineffective? Let's just say this show was definitely our least favorite of the three. I hope next year we get more good shows and fewer crappy ones.

Other notes - I got my hair cut. I have bangs now. Dan took this picture of me in the kitchen (yes, our kitchen has a brick pillar - it's odd). It's taken some getting used to, but so far I like the new look.
Congratulations to our friends Tyler and Becky Bos and their new little one, a healthy daughter named Morgan (very cute name).
Next weekend we'll have 10 Freston family members in town for Kasey's graduation. I'm very excited to see everyone and celebrate all of Kasey's hard work. It will be kind of sad too. I've really enjoyed having him here the past four years and know I'll miss him when he moves on the bigger and better things.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Two days of SPRING!!!

Yup, that's right, over the weekend we were treated to two wonderful, sunshine-filled, warm, lovely spring days. We definitely maximized our time out-of-doors. Dan spent several hours washing, waxing and detailing his truck. We also went to the WSU Plant Sale and loaded up on tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers and had a perfectly lovely time filling pots and hanging baskets out in the sunshine. We took a long walk around town and it was warm enough that we were able to let Roxy play in the river for a while. She's a lab and a definite water lover. I think playing in the river is a Labrador's version of heaven.
With the perfect weather and the calender showing me that yes, Spring is actually here, I began to daydream about being able to walk to work more often, jogging with the dog in the evenings, riding my bike around town and planting flowers in the garden. You know, all perfectly normal, Spring-time activities. I wasn't even that discouraged when we woke up to overcast skies, after all, it's allowed to rain during the Spring. However, when the rain started really coming down hard and I needed to leave work to hurry home to put all the plants under the carport, I wasn't quite so forgiving. Then when I looked out the window at work and saw snow, I was far from amused. I guess I jumped to gun a little too early on this whole Spring-time thing. I'll probably get some garden plastic on the way home to cover all the little baby plants (sigh).
The two days of Spring were perfect and beautiful, yet now they seem a bit cruel.
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