Saturday, June 15, 2013

If You Give a Dan a Baby.....

(A Father's Day poem inspired by one of Lana's favorite stories, If You Give a Moose a Muffin.)

If you give a Dan a Baby, he will fall in love on sight.
Realizing resistance is futile, he'll give in with all his might.
And when he loves that Baby, he'll do some crazy things.
He'll wear a burp cloth, change diapers, and pretend to be a horse that sings.
If you give a Dan a Baby, one thing he surely will do,
Is gaze upon her in wonderment, so tiny and brand new.
With that little daughter he will snuggle and rock,
Play peek-a-boo,

And make her giggle around-the clock.
If you give a Dan a Baby, they'll play games and conspire together,
Scaring the Mommy with their tricks, like this balancing Baby with nary a tether.
The Dan will take his girl on tractor rides, and she'll shout "Go! Go! Go!"
He'll take her on walks through the fair,
and hikes in the snow.
At Disneyland he will be her constant companion. Toddling with her over a bridge so high,
He'll even snuggle in close when they ride an elephant that flies.
If you give a Dan a Baby, he'll turn into the best Daddy you've ever known.
As for the Mommy, she'll know she is blessed beyond what she can see, beyond what she is shown.

And if you give a Dan a Baby and he's had four wonderful years of laughter and fun, the only right and good thing the Mommy can do, is of course, give him another one.

Baby Sprout Lenssen due December 30th!
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rockin'_robyn said...

congratulations! what a fun way to announce baby Lenssen #2 :)

Lia said...

Woohoo & congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Congrats to you, Dan and big sister Lana!

Love, Justin, Jessie, Lynnae and Asher

Anita Cory said...

Congrats! Love this news and the method of announcing it!

Kim B. said...

That might be the cutest blog post I've ever seen!!