Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fave: Cheap Kids Clothes

Like most Moms I know, I like dressing my child up in cute and fashionable clothes. However, reality sets in when my champagne tastes meet up with my generic-no-name-brand soda budget. Fortunately, I've learned a few tricks from friends and family who've generously shared their wisdom with me.

First up; Hand-me-downs. We've gotten a ton of cute clothes from others with girls. Especially when Lana was a tiny baby, most of her wardrobe consisted of hand-me-down singlets and sleepers.

Next in line is the Awesome Sale. Because we live out in the boonies, I can't make every single kids clothing sale. However, sometimes I just luck out, like I did with these pajamas.
I was in Bellevue with friends a few months ago and we walked past a Gymboree. I had always just assumed that Gymboree was the kind of store that had super cute clothes for fashion plate children, but that everything was just way too expensive. My friend assured me that yes, most things would be outrageously expensive, but she also assured me they would have some awesome markdowns. She was right and I scored these adorable 'Oh Deer' jammies for $12.

Consignment shops have a become a favorite of mine too. In Pullman we have Sugar Britches Boutique. They're right on Main Street and I've found some great deals there, including a sparkly red Christmas dress. They also periodically have 25 cent sales where I've found some great play clothes.
When we're in Lynden, we never pass up an opportunity to hit up The Little Red Wagon. The last time we were there, we picked up a top, overalls and pants.
Other Mothers has two locations in Spokane and both are amazing. I don't get up there very often, but when I've been, I found some awesome items. I've timed it right and caught a couple of their 25 cent sales, but the gem was definitely this red coat (which served as the inspiration for our family pictures) I found in October for $4.00. Yup, FOUR BUCKS! It's totally adorable and at $75 new, there's no way we'd own it if it weren't a consignment store steal.

My most recent thrifty find is a local group on facebook called My Girlfriends Closet. If you are local to the Palouse area, search for the group and submit a request to join. On Tuesday I spotted this new-with-tags outfit (coincidentally, from Gymboree) and on Wednesday I picked it up. Easy-peasy and it cost a whopping $15.

I am still learning how to find deals and steals on kids clothing and always excited to learn more.
Has anyone gotten any good deals from those daily deal sites? It looks like Totsy and Zulily have some super cute clothes, but I've yet to buy anything from either of them. If you have, let me know what your opinion is. I'm curious to know more.


Rachel said...

Anytime I find great sales online, I always google coupon codes for that site to save a little more money. For example, I just bought Maya some clothes from Zulily's clearance sale and just before checkout googled "Zulily coupon codes". I was able to find a code that saved me an extra 10%! Never buy anything online without finding a coupon code to save even more!

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