Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fave: Good Hair Days

Usually when we happen to have extra time in the mornings, I ask Lana how she'd like her hair done. Sometimes she wants a small clip or bow, other times one big ponytail, or occasionally she asks for puppy ears or pigtails. But lately, she's had some more outlandish requests, and I've had to get creative (or search Pinterest) to make her hair dreams come true.

For example, on this day Lana asked for "hair like butterfly wings."
I'm not sure it was a complete success, but it was pretty cute anyway.

Here's another, "criss-cross ponies."

And because it's nearing Christmas, here's our version of "reindeer ears."

But this one is by far the most extravagant. On this particular morning, Lana asked for her hair to "be like the sunshine."
Well, I don't know if the hair is sunshiny, but the sweet girl sure is!
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