Monday, July 14, 2014

12 on the 12th(ish)

I'm only 2 days late, and really, this blog would be completely neglected if I had to be on time.
1. Whooping cough sucks. 2. Sparklers are fun! 3. I have about 100 of these blondie selfies on my phone right now. 4. Sprinklers are the best thing for a hot day. 5. The Crimson Spoon cookbook is quickly becoming my favorite. 6. Photoshoot with Auntie Angela. 7.Cougar Kids Camp is where it's at! 8. My adorable running coaches. 9. Of course Nora's favorite lovey is Sissy's dolly. 10. Princess Lana waiting for the 4th of July parade to start. 11. Let the Canning Begin! 12. Yes, my house really does look like that some days.