Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Fave: Lynden Top 5

Since it's Christmas time, you can bet our family spent some time in Dan's hometown of Lynden, WA. I'll have pictures to post later, but for now here's a quick top five favorites from this great town.

5. Great Coffee. There are several amazing coffee stands and shoppes in this town, including my favorite of all-time, Cruisin' Coffee. They're open 24/7, the baristas are super nice, and the drinks are phenomenal.

4. Fabulous food. We eat so much while we're here. Dan's mom fills her kitchen with everything imaginable and sometimes I feel like all we do is eat, eat, and then eat some more, but dang, it is all so good.

3. Hearing Dan's stories. No matter where else he lives, this will always be Dan's hometown, where his history began. And even though he probably feels like he's told me all his good childhood tales already, whenever we're here, a new gem will be revealed and I'll get to explore a bit more of his past.

2. Friends. Because Dan grew up here, the bulk of his friends still reside here. We always have a great time visiting people, seeing their new babies, and catching up while the kiddos get into mischief.

1. Family. So many of Dan's family live in this area and spending time with them is always the highlight of any trip. Lana absolutely adores her cousins and seeing them all play together, despite their age differences, is so wonderful.

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