Sunday, June 18, 2017

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

With tomorrow being the first official day of summer break, I thought I should chronicle some of our highlights from this past spring.

Lana's Science Fair Project - Let's Make Crystals!
(Not Crystal Meth, like it kind of appears the board reads. We didn't make drugs, I promise : )

Easter egg hunting is the best!

Sweeties on Easter morning!

We visited some fun spots for Go Idaho articles.
Here's the one for Shattuck Arboretum.

We enjoyed some incredible sunsets......

.....and some pee-wee soccer fun.

Little House on the Prairie day was a big hit.....

.....and I think Lana and Nora made the cutest Mother's Day cards ever!

Lana rocked her singing solo and her 3 lines in the church's children's musical.

Our Memorial Weekend at the cabin was like hitting the resent button.

Double rainbows are beautiful!

We've got lots coming up this summer and maybe (just maybe) I'll hop on her to update every once in a while : )