Saturday, December 26, 2015

Two Years of Nora Jo!

This Girl.

Oh this Girl!

For the past two years your blue eyes have charmed me, your strong will has challenged me, and your snuggles have turned me into a pile of sentimental goo. You've stretched my patience with your throw-your-body-on-the-floor-kick-and-scream-and-punch temper tantrums, and calmed my frazzled nerves with a gentle hug and a sweet slobbery kiss.  

Everyday is an adventure with you, dear Nora. You keep me on my toes and give me some of the biggest rewards.
Two Christmases before you were born, we weren't yet pregnant with you. I had been hoping for months and months that you were on your way, and really trying to be patient. But that Christmas, as your older sister happily unwrapped presents and sang silly songs, I had the overwhelming feeling that someone was missing. You were missing. I thought it strange that I was longing for someone I didn't even know, but I was. I was missing you before I even knew you.
The next Christmas was a different story - you were mere hours from arrival, and I was so very excited to meet you. What a difference a year makes!

In two years, this girl has grown and changed and learned and is definitely her own person. She has strong opinions and an iron will, and the most beautiful blue eyes you'll ever see in your whole life.
Happy Birthday Nora Johanna! We can't wait to see what year three brings!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Golden Mermaids

In October we finished up our first season of parks and rec soccer. Lana and six kindergarten and first-grade boys dutifully practiced drills, ran laps, learned the rules of the game, and played games on 1/4-sized soccer fields.

It was pretty chaotic some days, but toward the end of the season, the kids were actually starting to pay attention and run plays and pass the ball. It was pretty neat to watch. Lana really enjoyed it and I'm glad we signed her up. I figured that participating in a team sport would be good for Lana, what I didn't figure on, were all the great stories we'd get out of one season of K-1 soccer. Here's my favorite:

Team Name. Really? The Golden Mermaids?
Yep, Lana's team was called the Golden Mermaids.
After one of the first practices, I heard the team gather in a circle and chant a cheer:
"Who wants to play some soccer?"
     "WE DO! WE DO!"
"Who wants to score some goals?"
     "WE DO! WE DO!"
"Who wants to have some fun?"
     "WE DO! WE DO!"

The kids cheered and practice was dismissed. I was extremely curious about the team's unusual name, so I asked Lana and we had the following exchange:
Me: You guys are the Golden Mermaids? That's a fun name.
Lana: Yeah, it was my favorite. All the boys wanted to be the Cougars. But I wanted to be the Golden Mermaids. So we're the Golden Mermaids.
(She didn't actually drop the mic here, but I feel like she would have, had she had a microphone and knew what a mic drop was.)

They kept the name, Golden Mermaids, all season. If any of the boys on the team didn't like it, I never heard a complaint, and Lana, of course, thought it was wonderful.

Thanks Parks and Rec Soccer, and thanks Golden Mermaids!