Friday, April 24, 2015

Through Lana's Eyes

Lana has gotten involved in photography through our local 4-H club. She and I have gone to club meetings and learned lessons on proper camera holding, camera safety, light, shadows, flash, and subject matter. Although the classes are meant for the kids, I'm sure I'm not the only parent who has learned a lot too : )

I'm also learning about my daughter through this project. The things she finds interesting and beautiful are amazing to me. She has her own eye and way of looking at things, and I love that these traits come out when she takes pictures.
Doesn't this picture make you think Lana was tilting her head to make a silly face just to make her sister laugh? Isn't that exactly what a kid would do?

Lana has been playing around with focus and I love how she got the nearest branches clearly and the others make a neat fuzzy background.

Doodling and note writing are two things Lana does when she's supposed to be paying attention to the photography class speaker : )

After the unit on shadows, Lana took this picture of the shadow web made by the willow tree.

Those same branches that Lana photographed a month ago, are very, very different today.

I like how she contrasted the hard of the road with the soft of the flowers.

I'm sure Lana will take dozens more photos before we finally decide on one for the fair in September, Until then, I can't wait to see what she sees next!