Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fave: My Ring

"I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful ring, or a ring that was a more fitting symbol of my relationship with {him}. It was unadorned, uncontrived, consisting only of a delicate gold band and a lovely diamond that stood up high - almost proudly - on it's supportive prongs. It was a ring chosen by a man who, from day one, had always let me know exactly how he felt. The ring was a perfect extension of that: strong, straightforward, solid, direct. I liked seeing it on my finger. I felt good knowing it was there."
-Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, page 133

Mrs. Drummond took the words from my mouth and the thoughts from my head when she wrote the above description about her engagement ring. I certainly couldn't have said it better, although we share the same sentiments.

I've been enamored by this ring since the day Dan got down on one knee and proposed over five years ago.

Such a beautiful thing. For me? Really?

Dan chose this one carat beauty out all by himself without my input whatsoever. To most ladies who'd rather choose themselves, this arrangement simply wouldn't do, but for me, it's worked out quite well.

See, I figured I had a good grasp on what kind of ring I'd get, what kind of ring I deserved.

I felt my self-assessment of my ring-worthiness was pretty accurate. I had some reasonably good assets, but also some near-fatal flaws. In my estimation, this equated to a half-carat or less, and certainly no more. And I would have been content with the ring I thought I deserved, the ring I thought I was worth.

Well, Mr. Dan Lenssen did not agree with my self-assessment. Oh no, to him, my assets were monumental, and my flaws were easily overlooked. To him I was worth diamonds and (white) gold. To him I was always to be prized and valued. To him I was of more value than I'd ever dare dream.

In response, I tearfully and joyfully accepted his extravagant gift. A few months later, I vowed in front of friends, family, and God, to wear it faithfully all the days of my life.

Happy Anniversary Dan, and thank you for making me your one carat wife!

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