Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fave: Family Portriats (and their Outtakes)

In July when all my siblings and I were actually in the same place, my parents had professional family portraits taken. Here is a sample of the finished product:
(The whole group. Grandparents, siblings, kids, the whole shebang.)

(Proud Grandparents with their little sweeties.)

(Fantastic Fugals lookin' sharp.)

(Hey, it's our little family. Yes, we can dress up occasionally.)

(My parents and siblings.)

Now, here's what actually went on during the photoshoot:
(This is my absolute favorite picture of the entire day. Jen is mentally pleading with her brood to just keep it together for two more minutes, Scott's not sure what he should do with his children, Grant is bored, and Clint and Sandy are quite taken with something they see on the ground. I laugh every time I see this picture. I want a large, framed version of this on my wall.)


(And here we are again, trying for that elusive last and perfect shot. 3/4 of the children are on strike and most of the adults are hot, sweaty, and just want a cold drink and a seat in an air conditioned room.)

Oh, the pains we go through for family portraits!
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