Thursday, March 1, 2012

This looks worse than it really is......

Here's our Lana getting breathing treatment #2 for the day.

Yesterday afternoon Lana woke up from her nap burning hot, crying, completely inconsolable, and breathing short and shallow breaths. By the time I picked her up, she was also shaking. I pleaded with the receptionist at the pediatricians office to make room in an already-full schedule to get Lana seen ASAP. I'm not sure if it was my tears, the good and compassionate heart of the receptionist, or Lana's flaming, red-hot cheeks, raspy breathing and lethargy, but we were immediately sent to an examination room.

An hour later, after the fever medication kicked in and she'd undergone a breathing treatment, our sweet Lana was looking and acting more like herself. She wanted to sing songs and play with her dolly and held still and didn't protest while the doctor continued her exam. We left with a prescription for medication and a nebulizer to perform at-home breathing treatments. She hasn't had a fever at all today and willingly sits still for the 10-minute breathing treatments. The vast improvement between yesterday and today is astounding.

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