Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Missing You

Our visit from my Grandma Carol and cousin Cody was such a neat time. We spent hours in the kitchen, cooking and talking, played endless hands of rummy, and just talked and enjoyed each others company.

Lana, of course, absolutely loved all the attention and snuggles. She read stories with Grammy and spent two whole days with her while I was at work.

 She even conned Cody into giving up his iphone for some game time.

(Just so you know, the child is now officially more versed in smart-phone technology than both Dan and I combined.)

Our fair family visitors left us, and we were a bit sad. After dropping Grams off at the airport, I had some errands to run and tried to make them fun for Lana, as I knew she was working on a post-Grammy departure meltdown. After we left one store, Lana looked up and asked, "Okay, what's next?" In my probably-trying-too-hard-to-make-this-sound-exciting voice, I replied, "We're gonna go get lunch and you can have a treat!"
Lana, never wavers. "Then we go back to the airport and get Grammy?"
Sorry Pumpkin, that's not what we're doing after lunch.

Yup guys, I'd say she's missing you. I'd probably say I am too.
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Leslie OConnell said...

Both Averie and Aaron are loving all the apps and games on my new phone! It's amazing how well Aaron does and he's only accidentally called a few people in my phone book ;) I'm glad everyone thought it was cute, LOL.