Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fave: TV shows we watch together

We're a single television family - just one in the living room that we all must share. This arrangement has resulted in a few "discussions" about what to watch and when. (Dan likes testosterone-fueled fare like all Jason Statham movies, car and truck shows, football, and hunting shows. I tend to prefer a few guilty-pleasure reality shows (Top Chef, Project Runway), family sitcoms, and everything-ends-well Hallmark movies.) Fortunately, the DVR has proven it is worth it's weight in gold and most of these "discussions" are easily resolved by pressing the record button.

However, despite our differences, we have been able to find a handful of shows we genuinely enjoy watching together. In no particular order:

The Office.

I introduced Dan to this show when we first got married. I think I had to use my new-bride secret powers to get him to stick with it for more than a couple of episodes, but now he laughs as much as I do. We both enjoy the hi-jinks between Jim and Dwight, the ridiculousness of the situations and the quirkiness of the characters. Yes, you're right, it's not the same without Steve Carrell (and I may or may not have shed a tear or two during his last episode), but it kept its heart and oh-so-very-awkward situations.


While watching the hilarious re-cap show, The Soup, we decided we really like host Joel McHale. So it seemed only natural to follow him to his new sitcom. Community is odd - crazy odd, and the characters are nuts and out there and the storylines are completely outlandish and random. But it's funny. Oh so very funny.


Are you watching this show? If not, you should be. It has probably the best cast on TV right now, realistic situations and characters. Very well acted and superbly written. Completely believable and every single episode initiates a what-would-we-do-in-this-situation conversation.

Hawaii Five-O.

You've wondered, who actually watches this show? Haven't you? We'll let me answer that question. Dan and I watch this show. Please don't judge us too harshly. Yes, the storylines are completely over the top, and yes, the fake tans are obvious, but dang, Hawaii is gorgeous and therefore nearly every scene of this show is gorgeous. The crime-fighting duo of Dan-o and McGarrett are the ultimate in good-cop, bad-cop and their back-and-forth quick rapport is indeed entertaining.

Friday Night Lights.

Yes, I know, this show has run its course and is now over, but it will forever be in our Hall of Fame for best-ever TV show. The acting, writing, plot development - everything was superb. It was our first show we were both equally excited to watch together. For three years we planned our Wednesday night in-home date nights around this show. It's available now on DVD, so go ahead and rent it so you too can agree that it was the best show on TV during its time.

Finding suitable shows for all three of us (me, Dan and Lana) has proven to be a bit tougher. So far we can all watch nature shows together, but that's about it. Lana likes to watch home-improvement shows with Dan, especially Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection. (Look Daddy, dat Mike breakin' things with a hammer!) And Lana and I do pretty well watching Jeopardy together. (You know all the answers Mommy!) But I could definitely use your suggestions.

What shows do you and your Honey like to watch together? What ones do you like to watch with your kiddos?

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