Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Job Mama!

No. I don't mean me.

I'm talking about this Mama. Our chocolate lab, Roxy.

Tuesday afternoon she gave birth to her first litter of puppies, and what a fine litter it is.
Nine puppies rolled up together in a literal tiny dog pile.

So far, they're all healthy and active. They'll get their first vet check on Friday.
We've got all three colors. Chocolate (3 female, 1 male), black (2 female) and yellow (1 female, 2 male).

At least one has already been claimed, but there are nine, so plenty to go around.

Puppy Anyone?
Give us a call or send an email.


Anita Cory said...

Oh, they are so adorable. I wish we could have one...but trust me, we cannot handle another furry friend in our house/life. Good luck finding them homes!

H Love said...

ugh! I wish we would have waited and got one of your pups! so cute!