Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a Year!

One year ago, we took this picture.

She didn't even officially have a name yet. Maybe that's why she was screaming so much. Or maybe it's because she just left her comfy, cozy home and entered a world she knew nothing about. It's okay little one, your Daddy and I were entering a world we knew nothing about too.

But then she got a name, got cleaned up, spent lots of time in Mama and Daddy's arms and settled down. She was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen

Now Lana's a whole year old.
She can say five words (Dad, Dog, Up, Mom, Bye) but doesn't necessarily use them at the correct times.
She gives out sweet hugs and wet, slobbery kisses.
She can crawl really really fast and gets into everything.

Lana can pull herself up to stand and I'm sure walking isn't too far off.
Her laugh is an addictive substance. Seriously, there's no saying what I'd do for my next hit of baby laughs. Fortunately, most of the time a funny face or some tickles or a game of this-little-piggy will get me the laughs I need.

We're having a party on Saturday and I'm so excited for the cake smashing. I'll post pictures next week. I'm sure if a baby gnawing on a t-bone is good, birthday cake will be even better.
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grammyc said...

Happy birthday Lana Jean. You are going to have so much fun at your birthday party tomorrow.