Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, yesterday we had a fabulous birthday party. Epic cake smashing was beheld. I'll get to that later. Today is Father's Day and this one's for Dan/my great husband/Lana's wonderful Daddy.

Last year for Father's Day, Dan got a Daily Grind punch card and a new baby. Well, technically she was a few days old, but she was still pretty dang new to us.

Dan and Lana bonded quickly. When we were still in the hospital, he would pick her up out of the little plastic basinette and sit and rock with her, just staring at her tiny little face and taking it all in.

Later, he developed superior skills in diaper checking and baby snuggling.

Dan was the first to make Lana laugh and still does on a daily basis.

He also plays the best games with her.

Dan has taught Lana so much, including how to grab the hat off his head, how to bonk heads, and how to drive a tractor.

Lana loves her Daddy so much!

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