Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Family that Fishes Together....

...Catches Together.

That seemed to be the case for us over the long Memorial Day weekend.
On Thursday afternoon, we packed up and headed east. Destination, Grandpa Cy's Cabin on Henry's Lake, Idaho. Ol' Henry can be fickle at times and fishermen have left fishless before, so we knew we'd have to buckle down to get the job done.

First thing Saturday morning, Dan joined my dad, grandpa, brother Kasey and cousin Joel on the boat for opening day. They returned successful. Dan caught the first fish of the season and set the pace for everyone else. Neither Joel nor Kasey had ever caught a fish on Henry's Lake before, but this was their year to break that curse. Both came back with a fish that morning. I didn't get out on the boat until that afternoon, but the wait was indeed worth it. We caught us some fish.

Yup, that big one is mine. How 'bout a close up.

That's the biggest fish I ever caught. It was probably the most fun (funnest?) fish I ever caught too.

Then there was this little pea-pod. It was her first trip to the cabin and I'm sure she enjoyed herself tremendously.

Unfortunately, while I was out on the boat, catching that big fish, Lana got sick, but my Mom and Grandma Janet were quick to figure out what needed to be done and we got her to a clinic and treated right away. She needed some medicine and some extra snuggles, but she stayed happy and smiling through it all. And why wouldn't she be happy and smiling? After all, she was surrounded by people who love her very much. She got all the loves and hugs and tickles and kisses she could ever want.

It made me so happy to bring Lana to the cabin. She's the first great-grandkid to make the trip. I hope one day she has as many fond memories of spending time at Grandpa's Cabin as I do. She's too young for fishing right now, but in a few years I'm sure we'll take her out on the boat and cheer her on as she catches her first fish.

Our weekend on Henry's Lake was wonderful. Hanging out with family, swapping stories, getting riled up playing cards, sharing meals, and fishing together are really some of the best ways to spend a holiday.
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