Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Vegetarians Here

Nope. Not at our house, that's for sure.

Okay, let me back up. So today is Mother's Day and all I wanted from Lana was for her to sleep in this morning (and thus allowing me to sleep in) and then for her to look at me and say 'Mama' and mean it. Not a lot to ask, right? It's not like I wanted her to pick up her toys or wipe her own nose or anything. Well, I didn't get either of my wishes. The Lana-girl got up at her regular time and I got up to change and feed her. The word 'Mama' escaped her lips a few times, but just in her usual string of babbles. It was not spoken in a meaningful and heartfelt way. Oh well, we'll try again next year. (Dan however, totally stepped up and surprised me with new shoes and a coconut cream pie.)

Lana did not give me the gifts I asked for, instead she gave me something equally wonderful. My girl ate steak for the first time. Steak was on the menu tonight and Lana stared wide-eyed at me and Dan as we noshed on our t-bones. I tore a small slice into tiny pieces and let her feed herself. She absolutely loved it. Later we let her gnaw on the bone. She was quite content and could have chewed on that thing all night.

That's our girl!

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grammyc said...

She looks like she is really enjoying that steak bone.

grammyc said...

I heard she cut a couple of teeth on that steak bone?