Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Weekend: Part 1

(Writer's note: Apparently I have an extra-short attention span and can't fathom possibly writing about the entire weekend in one post. Please bear with me.)

Our family's Memorial Weekend tradition is to travel the 9+ hours to Grandpa Cy's Cabin right on lovely Henry's Lake, Idaho. If you don't believe me about the loveliness, check it out yourself:
Really, do places get more beautiful?

We do a lot of fun touristy type activities while we're in the area, and I'll write about that later, but for now I'll concentrate on the main aspect of the trip - the fishing.

Grandpa Cy typically does most of the boat driving,

leaving Dan to try to catch the big one,

and leaving me to actually catch the big one!
(Unnecessary bragging, but c'mon, it's not often I beat Dan at anything.)

Both days were quite successful, if slower than preferred. However, we caught our limit by 1:00 each day, so really, we shouldn't be complaining.

Catch of Day One:

Catch of Day Two:
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