Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Memory: Bad Hair Days, Part 2

I already confessed to some horrible hair choices in a previous post, but I have too many pictures to not share more.

Again, as a wee girl, my hair was not bad:
A bit of a bowl cut, yes. But if this were the extent of the damage, I'd have nothing else to write about.

When I was 5, I sported this short, pre-mullet mistake.
The crooked smile is a nice touch, don't ya think?

Not that it got a whole lot better when I was old enough to make some of my own hair decisions. I've apologized several times to the ozone layer already, but dang, how many cans of Aqua Net did I go through to get my bangs that puffy and that sticky?
How much shampoo did I have to use to wash all that crap out? I wonder if city sewer systems ever shut down due to the big hair craze of the 80's and 90's?

But the favorite/worst is this side-by-side comparison. Same hair cut, same age, just different "occasions." Look at how diverse my hair was! I could dress it up with lots of back combing, curls, and hairspray, or let it be au natuaral for a weekend outing at the park. Either way, it was perfectly awful.

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