Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Memory: Henry's Lake

Right now we're driving back from what I'm sure was a fabulous trip to my grandpa's cabin on Henry's Lake. I hope I took a lot of great pictures and we have some awesome stories to share later. But what we're doing right now will have to wait. We've already made some memories that should be shared now. I'm not sure how many years my Grandpa Cy and Grandma Janet have owned their cabin, but it sure seems like it's been a family destination for years and years. It sits on a legendary Idaho fishing lake called Henry's Lake, and it's right next to West Yellowstone, Montana. Yup, in my opinion that makes it one of the most picturesque places in the country.

The first year we were married, Dan and I made the 9-hour trek to celebrate the opening of fishing season. Dan hadn't fished much in the past, but caught on quickly and is now one of the better fishermen on the boat.
(Our first year's catch. And yes, this was our Christmas card picture.)

Lana likes the cabin too. She doesn't go out on the boat yet, but enjoys getting spoiled by doting grandparents and posing for pictures with Mommy and Daddy and their catch.

Years before any of these recent trips, our clan had a big family reunion weekend at the cabin. Most of my Freston cousins were there along with my aunts and uncles. The cabin sleeps about 7-10 people, and we had way more than that at the reunion, so cousins were banished to tents in the yard. Oh, and yeah, it rained and got really cold one night, and I think more than one cousin sneaked inside and slept on the floor by the stove. (Please note, I did not go inside. I followed the rules and stayed outside and froze.)

I think that was also the year sister Jen and cousin Cody went exploring and found this Slow Children Playing sign. It was on posted on a rarely traveled dirt road, surrounded by acres and acres of open land. Why oh why were these slow children so insistent on playing in the road? That question was never answered, but Jen and Cody thought it was hilarious and had their picture taken. I think both of them still hold this photo sacred.

Of course everyone has their own fish story. I'm sure we all believe we caught the biggest fish at one point or another, but really, our times at the cabin have had less to do with the fish caught, and more to do with the time spent together.

(Cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles are certainly welcome to submit their Henry's Lake memories. So, what do YOU remember?)

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