Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Memory: Our Mother's Day Tradition

I've heard of families who have some very lovely Mother's Day traditions. Flowers, breakfast in bed, stay-in-your-pajamas day, or maybe a fancy brunch or picnic in the park. Those all sound very nice indeed, but the tradition that has taken hold in our family is all about the beef.

See, we grill t-bone steaks on Mother's Day weekend. We started this when Lana was 11 months old and it's proven so incredibly entertaining, we've happily kept up the ritual. (Plus, t-bones are delicious and you really don't need an excuse to throw a couple on the grill.)

The first year of this tradition, we weren't even planning on giving Lana much of the meat. She was still mostly getting her calories from her milk, and supplementing with mashed-up table foods and pureed baby food. She did have a few teeth and liked to try new textures, but we never dreamed she'd like to tear into the flesh of a steak.

Dan and I enjoyed our steaks that evening, and Lana made a mess with her foods, then grunted and pointed at our meat. Dan handed over his empty t-bone, steak already consumed, and she was thrilled with her new treasure.
She loved her t-bone and pulled off bits of meat and just held it and gnawed on it for several minutes. (Side note: wasn't she seriously the cutest round-faced, bald-headed, chubby baby girl you've ever seen? Oh how I love those cheeks.)
When we tried to take it away, she actually kind of growled at us, so she got to keep eating on it for a few more minutes longer.

That year was such a success, we've done it every year since.
And of course, I've taken pictures every year. I think one day I can embarrass her with these in front of a future boyfriend, although, if he's even remotely good enough for her, he will have a healthy appreciation of steak too.
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