Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Memory: Nearly 4 Years of Motherhood

Lana turns 4 next month and Mother's Day provided a great opportunity to look back and get a bit sentimental. I often tell people I feel like I won the kid lottery because Lana is such a blessing and brings pure joy into our lives every day. Looking at these pictures from the past (nearly) 4 years brought more than one tear to my eye.

Lana was born on a Thursday and I think this was the first picture taken of the two of us together, about a week later.
I was so exhausted that curling up on the futon with a tiny baby seemed like a good idea. I remember being so hesitant around her; we didn't really know each other, I felt like I was struggling to catch on to this whole motherhood thing, and I was just so exhausted. However, despite all my uncertainties, I was fiercely protective of this little bundle and felt she was the safest when she was close to me.

This is still one of my favorites. Lana's a month old and this is the exact day I went from simply "loving her" to being totally and completely "in love" with her.
Dan came home that day and noticed a change in me too. He asked me about it and I told him I had spent the afternoon delighting in my daughter. I have delighted in her ever since.

Kisses are just something we do. We started early and the tradition has continued in earnest.

Lana's first Easter. Yes, I was mean and made her wear an uncomfortable headband.
She loves wearing hair bows and flowers now, but sure hated it as a baby.

Our first trip to my Grandpa's Cabin. Lana was such a trooper even though she got sick and had to be rushed to the clinic for treatment.
Despite the rocky start, the cabin is one of her favorite places.

And what child doesn't like to be surrounded by a giant blue monster? Lana's grimacing because the sun is right in her eyes, not because she's afraid of Sully.

Lana is also my biggest cheerleader. She made this colorful sign to cheer for me at the Palouse River Duathlon last year. She truly believes I'm fast and I win every race I run.
And I appreciate her support more than she could possibly know.

This was taken last summer at the Northwest Washington Fair. Lana loved riding that carousel and we could have gone around and around for days.

After Lana gave me a sweet Mother's Day card yesterday morning, I held her in my lap and rocked her for a minute, thinking back to the days I rocked that tiny baby to sleep. I kissed and told her I loved being her mommy. I've been delighted by her for almost 4 years and am looking forward to the joys in the years to come.

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