Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Memory: Scenes from the Children's Museum

When we were kids, my brother, my sister, and I really looked forward to special outings on the weekends. One of my favorite places was the Utah Children's Museum. I remember it being so far away and such a big deal when we got to go, although I know now that it actually wasn't that far of a drive, and they ran special 1/2 price entry days a few times per year.

I'm sure to kids who frequented children's museums, this one wasn't anything spectacular. (Take for example, the Ogden Treehouse Museum we took Lana to this past summer.) But for us, it was really awesome. They had a sand pit filled with dinosaur bones waiting for young archaeologists to dig up, a small to-scale grocery store where you could pick up miniature boxes of cereal and cans of soup, a "wild west" town complete with dress-up prairie skirts and Sheriff's vests, a news and weather reporting studio with cue cards and moving clouds, along with several other neat exhibits. Going through my older scrapbook, I found a few pictures of one adventurous day.

(This was the surgical exhibit. I'm apparently putting Annie under, getting ready for a surgery, and sister Jen is examining her spleen. My big glasses and puffy hair? Well, that joke just writes itself.)

The children's museum had a great disability awareness exhibit  including a wheel chair obstacle course. If you look closely, you can see I am not actually pushing younger brother Kasey, (who by the way, was simply adorable as a chubster toddler, wasn't he?) but am hand wheeling the chair with him on my lap. I'm sure we set no land speed records that day.

Family in Utah have told me the museum of my childhood has been moved and expanded and wouldn't even be recognizable to me anymore, but even though that building is gone, I'm glad I have the photographs and stories to remind me of those fun days.

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