Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Memory: Bad Hair Days, Part 1

(This post is labelled Part 1 because I have so, so very many photos of bad hair days that I think it's wisest to not overwhelm you with all of them at once.)

I know everyone says they had an "awkward hair phase" or laughs about a bad perm they got in the '80s, but my poor hair choices seemed to be a decades long event. I don't think there are any stories about me cutting my own hair as a child, so all of these hair atrocities were done on purpose.

Let's get started, shall we?

As a wee babe, I had fine, wispy baby hair, similar to most little girls.
I think it's still cute because it hadn't been messed with yet.

Then there's this:
Softball picture, 4th grade, and yes, I think that cut would be classified as a mullet.

This one was my school picture in the 2nd grade.
Frizzy grown-out perm and a giant bow right in the middle of my head.

Oh, and if you think I missed the late '80s/early '90s big-bangs and lots of ozone killing Aqua Net, think again.
Those bangs could stay that high for days.
There's probably a full can of hairspray represented in this one.

But the best/scariest one of all has to be this one from my 9th birthday party:
Yup, I'm nine and apparently ready for retirement at 65. Seriously, clearly I had people around me who could make good and reasonable hair decisions, because little sister Jen right next to me looks adorable and age-appropriate. Did my ginormous glasses just give the adults in my life free-reign to allow me equal awkwardness with my hair?

So, what's your worst hair story? Please link to pictures. If I can embarrass myself on the Internet, so can you.
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