Thursday, April 18, 2013

Over the Top? Us? Never!

This Wednesday in Lana's AWANA Cubbies class, the kids were having "drive-in movie night." They'd quickly say their memory Bible verse to a teacher, then settle in with popcorn and treats to watch a movie while relaxing in their home-made cardboard box cars. I've known about this activity for a while and had some ideas in my head about what we should make. I was thinking race car, Dan (who had to actually build the thing) was thinking more like mail truck or UPS truck, ya know, something boxy, square and solid. We settled on the idea of a flower delivery truck, and if you think about it, doesn't Lana Jean strike you as the type of gal who'd be lovely delivering flowers?
Well, after several days of work, Lana's flower delivery truck was complete and she was so happy with it. Dan constructed the automobile by tweeking some cardboard boxes, including reinforcing the sides. Lana and I covered it in white paper, although she might have gotten more glue on her fingers than the paper.
The dollar store had lots of cute paper flowers, so we grabbed some large ones for the side signs and some small ones for accents. Lana also colored some of her own creations.
On Tuesday night I was adding the finishing touches (flowers on the windshield - we're not going for practical here, we're going for cute) and Dan asked, "Dontcha think it's a bit over the top?" I just looked at him, but we both knew we reached over the top a long time ago. Perhaps it was when Dan searched a half-dozen different stores to find the exact right wheels he wanted. Yeah, maybe that's when we reached over-the-top status.
But then, on Wednesday, I saw all the other Cubbies with their home-made (parent made) cars, and suddenly the Lenssens are not quite so crazy.

Here's a small sample of what we saw:
Yup, there's a green John Deere tractor, a Lightening McQueen racer and in the back left corner is a replica of the Deloreon from Back to the Future.

Yeah, all of a sudden we're not quite so over-the-top, now are we?
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