Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our week of lasts.

Lana participated in 3 extra curricular activities this school year. Dance (10 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring), Awana (Late August-April), and Soccer (6 weeks in the Spring) and last week saw them all end. I'm excited that we won't be running around three days of the week, but now wondering how we'll spend our time. I think more stories and projects at home are on our horizon.

This was Lana's second year of Dance Class and she improved tremendously.
Our little tutu-clad dancer was able to pay attention and follow instructions during most of the 45 minute class. I was also super proud of how hard she worked to better learn the correct steps and improve her balance.

Most Wednesday nights saw us at Awana. Lana worked hard to learn her Bible memory verse every week and in total learned over 30 abbreviated verses. (Aaah, next year she has to learn the verse AND the reference. How will we ever manage that one?) I was happy that she was so pleasant and joyfully learned her verse every week. I don't know how one can force a 3-year old to memorize anything, and I'm grateful I never had to.
Lana completed her entire Cubbies Year 1 Book and was awarded this certificate and some new patches for her vest.

And then there was soccer. Let's just say both dance class and Awana went over better than soccer. Don't get me wrong, Lana liked it well enough and mostly did what she was asked to do. But really, organized soccer for 3 and 4-year olds was really just chaos in cleats with a few soccer balls thrown in. Lana did learn a few things and she participated in the drills and sort-of did what she was supposed to do during their little games. However, she also needed lots of potty breaks and picked more dandelions than any other kid on the field.
Despite that lack of mad soccer skills, she did look like the coolest girl on the team.

Whew, and now that they're all over, I'm excited for a few months of down time. We'll probably do swimming lessons this summer, but for now I think we'll all enjoy a break.
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