Saturday, August 4, 2012

Utah Adventure: Ogden Treehouse Children's Museum

Since we were heading to Utah for my cousin's wedding anyway, we decided to stay for a few days and do some fun, tourist-y type activities. Ogden's Treehouse Children Museum was a perfect educational and entertaining destination for Lana, and also for the grownups.
There were 2+ levels of exhibits that kept this three-year old inspired and curious for hours. (Of course, I forgot my camera, so photos are pretty limited. Check out Treehouse's website for lots of photos of the center.) Favorites included the doll room, baby hospital, rodeo arena, one-room school house, and the music room, complete with various musical instruments for little ones' noise-making pleasure.
In the large pedestrian-friendly plaza outside the museum, colorfully decorated horses lined the walkways. We played "ooooo, let's find the horse" with Lana as my Grams told us about the square and all the new businesses in the area. Oh, we also had to stop for cupcakes. They were pretty amazing and awesome.
This was definitely a part of town I'd love to explore more. It's not just for kids, but it's very family-friendly, which was perfect for our little family!

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