Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Memory: Kiddie Pool in May

I have many pictures of me with my younger brother and sister. We did a lot of things together, so inevitably, there are lots of pictures of the three of us together. There are formal ones of us at weddings and graduations, and posed ones of us sitting up stiffly in a photographer's studio, but this picture is by far my favorite:
This picture was snapped during a short-lived swimming attempt. I think it was only May, and surely not hot enough for the spring-time sun to heat up a backyard pool. But I distinctly remember my siblings and I insisting to our mother that yes, it was sooooo hot outside, and yes, if she got out the pool and filled it up, we'd happily spend the afternoon outside splashing and swimming. 

 I think our mom knew we'd take one step in the frigid water and step right back out, so she told us all that we had to get completely wet, hair and everything, before we could be done and get dried off and go inside. We all agreed, certain we'd spend hours getting wet. Of course Mom was right, and the water from the garden hose was colder than we could stand, but we'd made her a bargain, and we had to stick to it. 

 Mom had the foresight to grab her camera and after we'd all been dunked, we dutifully stood in the water, shivering together, for this most excellent photograph. We are clearly freezing, yet smiling like we're having the best time. To top it off, Jen is wearing a t-shirt that reads, 'Wild Women Don't Get the Blues.' A more perfect t-shirt has yet to be designed. Immediately after this photo was snapped, the three of us raced inside for hot showers and cozy blankets. Mom dumped the pool and put it back in the garage and I'm sure we didn't ask for it again until at least July. 

This adventure, is just another example of how yes, Mother certainly does know best.

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