Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hunting, snow, and little monkey girls

Last weekend, Lynden friends (Dave, Shannon, and little Joie) came over for a visit. Dan and Dave spent their days hunting and hiking through the ice and snow, while Shannon and I bundled up the little girls, and sent them careening down a hill.

The mighty hunters, their faithful dogs, sweet Joie, and the birds.

Proud dogs and their birds.

Joie had never been out playing in the snow before, so Lana was all about showing her how much fun it could be.
Getting these two dressed for the cold is the toughest chore of the day.

We've got a great snow hill out behind the barn, so the little blondies got their share of excitement on the snow tube.
The little monkey hats topped off the cuteness.

Thanks friends! We had a great weekend. Come back anytime!
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