Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Memory: Pie-eating Contests

I know all families have their oddities and quirks, but I've often wondered if perhaps my family was just a bit more unique than others. 

Take, for example, our competitive nature and our affinity for pie. Put those two things together, and you've got all the makins' of a good, old fashioned pie-eating contest. I don't think we had these family mess-fests very often, but here is photographic evidence that they did indeed occur:
Here's my brother Kasey, Dad, sister Jen, and the bespectacled one on the end is me. I can't remember who won. Maybe my siblings would know? Mom was the resident historian and competition umpire. She took the pictures and determined the winner of the event.

(Side note: How do you like my old-school scrappin' style? This page is probably 15 years old, so I should be forgiven, right?)

So, be honest, is a family pie-eating contest the strangest family quirk you've ever heard of?

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Cindy freston said...

I don't remember who won. Your dad doesn't either. Being the fair Mama, I probably determined it a tie. And everyone was the winner because you didn't want to eat more pie to determine a winner.