Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome Back Old Friend!

Of course, the "Old Friend" I'm referring to is the PBS show, Downton Abbey.

I've written about my love for this show before, but once I finished up season 2 this summer, I began counting down the days until the January premier of season 3.
(Yup, sometimes that sorry soul was me.) 

 But Sunday, I will have to wait no more! Once again the palatial acres of the Grantham Estate will enter my home via the television.
(Although Sunday there will most likely be NFL playoff games showing all day, so I'll just DVR my show and watch it later, ridicule free.) 

 See, even Ryan Gosling wants in on Downton Abbey goodness.

While I count the hours until I can curl up with the goings on of British aristocracy and those who serve them, I'll just buck up and do what I should have been doing all along:

(Oh, and if you've actually seen the 3rd season already, please spare me the spoilers. I'm already kicking myself for peeking and don't want to know anymore thank you very much.)

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