Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Days 9-15

I'm continuing the series I started last week.

November 9:
Dealing with a cough, throat tickle, and achy-ness, today I am thankful for Nyquil and cough drops.

November 10:
Driving home from Seattle with a van load of friends and having awesome conversations with each of them, I can't help but be thankful for the gift of good friends, honest talks, hilarious stories, and forgiveness for my horrible singing voice.

November 11:
On this Sunday I am so very thankful for my church and what it means to be a believer within a body of believers. I recently read a blog post that gets right to the heart of the matter, and ties it all back to being thankful.

November 12:
On this Veteran's Day holiday I am thankful for the veterans, past and present, who sacrificed their time, bodies, and lives for our country. Not a single one served in vain and not a single one is unappreciated.

November 13:
Back to work after a long weekend, I am thankful for my job. Thankful I have meaningful, enjoyable employment.

November 14:
While running on the treadmill this afternoon, I realized how thankful I am for good, treadmill-worthy music to get me through an otherwise painful workout. Spinning on the ipod right now is Taylor Swift's newest, Red. Try it out, I think it'll make your treadmill time fly by.

November 15:
Lately I've been thinking a lot about Lana when she was a wee babe. I am thankful we took lots (and lots and lots) of pictures of her and her tiny new-ness. Looking at these hospital pics, I can hardly believe she was ever that small, or that this helpless noodle has become the glowing, growing, sweet girl we have today.

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