Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lana Explains it all: Happy Fun Thanksgiving Time!

Hi, I'm Lana and I would like to tell you about the happy fun time we had at Thanksgiving.
Mommy, Daddy and I drove to Oregon to see Grandma Cindy and my Grandpa Bear. 

First, I had to help Mommy with the pies.
I was a very good helper and even got to wear an apron. 

Mommy made all the pies and even made some little cute pies just for me.

My Grandpa Bear carved up our Thanksgiving turkey. 

Later, I got to help out even more by licking the beater after Grandma made whipped cream. 

Grandma Cindy has a really need iPad. She let me play fun games with it. Grandpa Bear told Mommy she should buy one for me. I think Grandpa Bear has a good idea! 

The day after Thanksgiving, we decided to not go into town to visit the crazy stores, and instead we went for a long walk.  

But, I didn't have to walk the entire way. The last 2 miles I got pulled in the wagon. Duncan the little dog even tried to ride with me.

Thanks Grandpa Bear and Grandma Cindy! I had so much fun with you! 

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