Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Days 23-29

November has been a great month, hasn't it? I've really enjoyed reading all the thankful posts written by friends and family.

November 23:
Yesterday my dad and I ran in the Walla Walla Turkey Trot and today, my mom, Lana, and I went for a long walk. I am thankful my parents are healthy and active.

November 24:
I'm thankful for day 2 of Thanksgiving food leftovers.

November 25:
I'm thankful for lazy Sunday afternoons that give Lana and I a chance to sharpen our mad turkey-craft skills.

November 26:
I recorded several cheesy holiday-themed romantic comedy movies over the weekend. I'm thankful Dan didn't chastise me too badly for my fondness of complete and utter cheese.

November 27:
This week is/has been quite hectic for us, and throwing a pre-made frozen meal in the crock-pot before leaving for the day made it easy to come home to a delicious dinner. I'm thankful for my crock-pot, but more so for the wonderful ladies of the freezer meal swap club. They're just as awesome as the meals they make.

November 28:
Wednesday is Awana day for Lana. I am so thankful she can go to Awana every week and spend time with friends learning about how much God loves her. She loves her class and I can tell she's really learning too.

November 29:
This is definitely our busy season at work. I am thankful to be able to do meaningful work and have great people to work with.

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