Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend Trip: Part 1

Our trip was so awesome and epic that I had to break it into two different posts.

The annual fishing trip to Henry's Lake started for us on Thursday morning. Dan was bound and determined to get us on the road by 6:30 and we sure were.....by 6:45.

The drive is about 500 miles, but Lana doesn't mind one little bit. She knows that for her road trips = lots of TV watching (probably more TV in two days than she gets in a month).
Fortunately she learned how to wear headphones so Dan and I weren't driven crazy by the theme music to Elmo or Mickey Mouse.

We spent Friday being tourists in West Yellowstone, Montana. None of us had ever been to the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center and we spent a couple hours learning about bears and wolves. It was pretty neat and interesting and if you're ever in that area, you should check it out.

There were two packs of wolves in outdoor pens.

And yes, our first "summer" trip seemed a lot like winter to me.

I think Lana really liked the bears, although when she saw these two, she admonished their behavior, saying authoritatively, "Hey you bears! You stop that fighting!"
She didn't believe me and Dan when we explained this is how bears like to play.

Of course, a trip to an exhibit wouldn't be complete without a turn around the gift shop. Lana and I liked to sit with the giant teddy bear.

And she couldn't hardly be kept away from the miniature tee-pee.

(Did you notice in the pictures how Lana is only wearing a sweatshirt in the cold and snow? Yeah, she has the most brilliant parents in the world - both of us forgot to pack her heavy coat.(Major Fail.) Don't worry though, we found a high-class, high-priced shop on Main Street and spent more money on a coat for her than we usually spend for adult coats. Yup, they got us, but I can't be mad at them, it's our own dang fault.)

Stay tuned for Part 2...
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