Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend Trip: Part 2

Part 1 was all about being tourists. Part 2 is all about the FISH!

The overarching purpose of traveling 500 miles one way is to spend the weekend fishing on Henry's lake with my extended family on the first day of the season.

It was cold, it was snowy and foggy, we got rained on, and we may or may not have been a bit lost out on the water, but none of that matters when you're catching fish.
What do you think? Are we Cabela's models or what?
Day one saw Dan being the head-honcho, bringing in the most fish as well as the biggest ones.

Of course Lana had to get bundled up in her new coat and participate too.
She isn't quite old enough to come out on the boat (especially in the choppy waters we encountered) but she did like to watch Dan clean the fish and seemed rather fascinated by the whole thing.

Here's Henry's Lake. Not beautiful in the tradition way that mountain lakes are, but gorgeous and welcoming in its own unique way.
And yes, that is snow on the ground.

The three of us took a short ride in Grandpa's Ranger. Lana loved it and the only reason we headed back is because I was getting cold.

While not outside freezing or fishing, we hung out together in the cozy cabin. Lana loved playing with her Great Grandpa Cy.
And I'm pretty sure he liked getting snuggles from her.

We played hours of cards and Dan won't let me forget that he was the overall Grand Champion.

But then, it was back to fishing. Day 2 was even better than Day 1.
I love this picture. Cousin Cody looks like he just flew in from LA sporting the cleanest and newest gear and managing to make rain clothes look fashionable. Dan is outfitted in camo like a professional hunting or fishing guide. And then there's me; smiling and happy to be there and looking more than a little out of place.

Lana wanted to get in on the fish photos too.
She clearly loves this and I know in a couple years she'll have a blast on the boat fishing with the rest of us. I'm sure between grandpas, cousins and parents, she'll have willing teachers.

Thanks Henry's Lake, Grandpa's Cabin, and all the family who made this the best Memorial Weekend ever. We'll see you next year, but how about less snow, okay?
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