Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fave: Being a Mom

This Sunday is Mother's Day and moms everywhere will be told by their children how much they are loved and appreciated. And they are. And all the praise is long overdue. Most of us, me included, really need to make sure our moms know how much they mean to us more than just one day a year.

I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy my third Mother's Day as a mom. I will love getting to sleep in, receiving extra morning snuggles, reading the sweet and scribbled-in card from Lana, and laughing at the funny one from Dan. I will feel very loved and appreciated.

But I must confess a little secret: I am the one who is appreciative of THEM!
Every. Single. Day.

It is a pleasure to sing silly songs in the car with an enthusiastic Lana Jean. I consider it an undeserved reward when she gently pats lotion on my cheeks, looks right into my eyes and whispers, "You're my best friend, Mommy." It is nothing but pure joy to watch her hop and pant around the kitchen like a puppy while I'm making dinner. The pleasures, the rewards, and the joy are all mine. All the face wiping, all the boo-boo kissing, yes, even the "accident" clean ups are a privilege. I am honored to be gifted every day with a daughter to serve and love.

Thanks Dan, for the idea you had all those years ago to ask me to marry you, and the idea you had a year later to have a baby. Both are turning out swell. You really do have the best ideas!

And thank you sweet Lana. You make me smile 500 times per day and laugh at least 100 times.

You My Dear, are definitely my favorite part of being a mom!