Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fave: Dance Class (or is it Class Dance?)

This spring Lana had the opportunity to be a part of Miss Camille's Dance Class in Palouse. (Lana, in all her adorableness, always called it "class dance" despite the many times I tried to correct the word order of the phrase.)
The class is intended to be a low-key, casual time for little girls in the community to get together, learn some basic ballet moves, and enjoy time dancing.

To say Lana had fun in the class would be an understatement.

She absolutely loved it!

Marching, galloping, leaping, twirling - whatever Miss Camille asked, Lana tried her best to give. Most of her steps were not recognizable as any actual ballet move, but Lana had a wonderful time trying.

Last Monday was the last class dance of the year and we're both a bit bummed that our Mondays have considerably fewer tondus and tutus in them now.
But Lana still loves to dance. Just ask her the next time you see her and I'm sure she'll be happy to show off a few moves for you.
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