Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Of all the things I expected to happen on the drive into town this morning, projectile vomiting from the pig-tailed girl in the back seat was not one of them. But, well, it's what we got and you can't always predict what you get. I quickly pulled off onto a gravel road, calmed a crying and upset Lana, and wiped her face before turning around for home. When a day starts with vomit, it usually doesn't continue in it's normal course.

Lana was stripped of her clothes in the laundry room and promptly put in the bathtub for scrubbing and sanitation. Her clothes and the car seat cover were washed using the "nuclear-radiation-super-hot-no-germs-or-yuck-will-survive" washer setting. After I got her set up with electrolytes, her snuggle blankie and a Disney Channel show, I went to work on the car. Every plush toy and blanket got tossed in the washing machine, all the bits of trash and half-eaten granola bars got tossed and every soft surface got vacuumed. The whole process was oddly satisfying and I don't think the car has been this clean in two years. Maybe during naptime I'll go back out there with a tub of Lysol wipes and make sure nothing has attached itself to the door or window handles.

I really don't like being sick, but dang, I really, really, really don't like it when the little one is sick. I feel so bad for her. The light in her eyes is dim and she lacks her usual spark and energy. I do appreciate the extra snuggles, but certainly not at the expense of her upset tummy. I hope this morning's throw-up session was a one-time event that won't continue or be passed on to me or Dan. (The only time our whole house was struck at once was a puke-filled few days that inspired me to write bad poetry.) I'm hoping the tightness in my stomach is due to a morning of cleaning up messes and not due to an incubating bug that will rear its ugly head soon.

So we will spend this windy day together at home. Lana can color and watch a movie and get better. I'll read her stories, take her temperature and do a few extra loads of laundry. It certainly wasn't how I expected to spend the day, but certainly the best way.

Oh, and I think Lana's starting to bounce back. While she was coloring I asked her if she thought anything would make her feel better. Her answer? "A Cadbury Creme Egg please Mommy." Yeah, I think she's going to be okay.

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