Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maui Honeymoon? YES PLEASE!

Our sweet student worker at the lab just got engaged. Her ring is shiny and new, her glow is effervescent, and wedding talk around the lab has increased about 500%.

Not that I mind one little bit. I love talking about weddings. The other day, newly-engaged Miss and I were working on lab tests right next to each other. She told me about her dress and showed off the ring and then we talked all things honeymoon.

Just like Dan and I did four-and-a-half years ago, she and her beloved are planning a trip to Hawaii, specifically the island of Maui.
Right after our wedding, Dan and I spent a week on this lovely isle and I couldn't recommend it more. It was so perfect! (Yes, i threw up twice - once due to terrible airplane turbulence and the other due to the windy road on the way back from Hana. I still think it was perfect.) The weather was beautiful; sunny and warm with trade winds offering a welcome respite from the October heat. The beaches were all-expansive and the ocean an unreal clear blue.
We ate fresh seafood, slept in, enjoyed fire dancers late at night, and strolled the beach and the quaint villages hand-in-hand. We spent a day sailing and snorkeling off a private island and swam next to fish that looked like they came out of a Pixar movie.
All this talk about Maui makes me want to go back! But we have other goals and ambitions right now and Maui isn't on our calendar for the foreseeable future. I am bound and determined to make it back one day though.
I'm sure our sweet lab rat will have a fabulous time and don't tell her if I decide to hide in her suitcase!

Where and when was your honeymoon? Have you had the chance to enjoy the beauty of Maui?

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