Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Puking, an Ode at 2 am

Things are busy at our house right now.
You ask, what's going on? Who? What? When? Why? and How?
If I go into much detail, you'll surely cry, ick!
But alas, all members here are quite sick.
It started with the baby; the cute one got it first.
Although now we're not sure who has it the worst.
The parenting falls to who is most decent,
Who can actually stand upright and hasn't puked recent.
Sorry, I cannot see the King, Queen, Earl or Duke,
My night is full, washing crib sheets covered in puke.

Of these events, I could make light,
And I suppose I am, up at 2 am, starting to write.
I could say, it's a new diet, the Karen Carpenter Plan.
Make a tasteless joke? Oh yes! Anyone can.
If I weren't sick, the fun things I'd do,
Paint, scrapbook, or edit pictures from the zoo.
Instead I sit here, tired, needing sleep,
Thinking, if anyone throws up again tonight, I surely will weep.
Fun things we'll do later, like sing along to the juke,
But right now I'm afraid we'd all just puke.

This might make a humorous blog post,
Our friends and family will laugh, or at least most.
I know you're all sympathetic and full of care,
Because you've done this before, you've been there.
I'm certain soon we will all bounce back,
And again be full of what we now lack.
Having the stomach flu, fun? Certainly not!
I'd much rather have a head full of snot.
Whether you're named Agnus, Bartholemew, Jack or Luke,
Absolutely no one, anywhere, likes to puke.


AngMomof3 said...

So sorry you're all so very ill... but thanks for the entertainment! :)

All it takes is nursery on Sunday and you have a good chance of being sick on Wednesday. Drat.

Anita Cory said...

Oh friend... Do get better soon!