Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fave: Family Pictures and our Favorite Photographer

I'll freely admit that if it weren't for the little one, our family might be the most un-photogenic one there is. Dan tends to squint or just close his eyes, and I somehow insist on lifting my chin so you can see up my nose. Oh yeah, you know J. Crew will be wanting us for their next catalog : )

But despite our lack of beauty and grace in front of the camera, we still have some rather awesome family pictures. How did we manage that? Because of our sweet and talented sister-in-law, Angela. She considers herself an amateur photographer, but look for yourself, aren't her photos professional quality?
Not only did she get Dan's eyes to stay open, she got me to put my dang chin down. (I wish I always felt as poised and pretty as she made me look here.)

Angela is also the BEST at capturing the fun and silly moments. In our family, we laugh a lot and in this picture you can see that - it doesn't look faked or forced.
This last one is my favorite of them all.

Two things you should know about Ang;
1)Today (Feb 10th) is her birthday. I think she's 25 :) Happy Birthday!
2)Her photography talents are finally getting some recognition. She won an honorable mention in the photography competition at the Spokane Ag Expo. If you're heading up to look at tractors and new equipment, be sure to check out her entry.
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