Friday, June 10, 2011


Since we've been married, Dan and I have made the Memorial Weekend at Henry's Lake Fishing Trip a pretty-much annual tradition. We happily embarked on the adventure as recent newlyweds and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You can read about our first trip here (and yes, that picture was on our Christmas card that year). We skipped the next year because I was very, VERY pregnant and it would have been unwise to travel so far from home. However, the following year we had a great time at the cabin. You can read about it here. The important thing to remember about last year's trip is that I definitely caught the biggest fish of the trip. This has been an annoying thorn in the flesh to my subtle-yet-competitive husband.
Well Dan, you can relax, this trip you definitely outfished me, and here's the proof:

No only is his fish much larger, he caught three to my one.

Dan, my dad, my Grandpa Cy and I loaded up in the boat Saturday morning. It was the first day of fishing season on Henry's Lake and despite snow and low temperatures earlier in the week, we weren't about to miss fishing. I dunno if it was the cold or if our lures weren't all that attractive, but the fishing was tough. After a couple hours I had one on the line, but it got off on the reel-in. I sort-of redeemed myself by bringing in another, this time all the way to the cooler. It was a relief to finally get one in the boat. More time went by and we were all getting good and frustrated. My dad and grandpa were getting cold, but then the fun started. Within about 30-40 minutes, Dan caught three fish. It seemed like he would just get his pole in the water, and BAM! another hit. One of those fish came in at about 3.5 pounds, much larger than the measly 2-pounder I brought in.

Here's a picture of the whole family with the fish. No, Lana didn't go out on the boat with us (that'll have to wait a few years), but she did think the fish were pretty neat.

What do you think? Should we use this for our Christmas card this year?

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