Friday, June 3, 2011

Yellowstone National Park: A True American Treasure

One of the really neat things about our Memorial Weekend Fishing Trip tradition is the opportunity we have to visit Yellowstone National Park. My Grandpa Cy's cabin is less than 30 minutes from the west entrance, so there really is no excuse not to visit. Other years when we've gone sight-seeing, we've stopped at Old Faithful and walked around some of the sulfur pots. This time, with the cold and a nearly two-year old, we opted for different sights.

This time of the year, spring is usually well on it's way to making a home at Yellowstone, but this year it was apparent that winter is not letting go without a fight. It was cold and impaired any attempts of hiking, but oh so very beautiful.

We always are lucky enough to see bison and this year was no exception. We saw quite a few baby bison too. Once Lana got a good look at these enormous creatures, she couldn't get enough. She would get so excited and shout, "See bison! Hi bison!" Or she would be sad when we wouldn't see any for a while. "Where bison go? Want bison!"

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is certainly not to be missed. I had only seen it in the summertime and the different season sure gave me a new perspective. The waterfall is incredible. Here I tried to get Dan and Lana with the waterfall in the background. My husband and daughter look good, but this picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of the waterfall.

Here's a better one. Views like this are what postcards are made of. We actually braved the cold and walked out to a spot called Artist Point, which is appropriately named and certainly the best place to photograph the waterfall and the roaring river beneath.

Stay tuned for more about our day fishing. Alas, this year I got out-fished by Dan! I'll post the pictures to prove it.

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