Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend Adventure (part 1)

Dan and I weren't sure how we were going to spend our long weekend. We debated just hanging around here, but when Grandpa Cy and Grandma Janet invited us to the cabin for the opening of fishing on Henry's Lake, we decided that sounded way better than the non-plans we had. Bright and early Friday morning we took off and drove the 500 miles to the cabin. All the other times I had made the trip, so had my cousins and other family members and it was really nice this time to have a low-key adventure with just my grandparents, parents and us.
Saturday morning we were up and on the water with the rest of the Henry's fishermen and we were not disappointed. Dan hadn't ever been boat fishing, but he was certainly a fast learner. He brought in the first fish of the day and then proceeded to bring in another and another and so on. I got one and Grandpa Cy got one and my Dad caught two, one of which was a 5-pound monster.
Day two on the lake wasn't as productive (two fish caught, two got away) but Henry's Lake can be fickle and after such a great first day, we couldn't complain.
Props out to my Mum and Grandma Janet for sending us out with ample provisions and welcoming us mighty fishermen home with fresh cookies and amazing meals. Fishing is hard work (especially in the rain and wind) and it was nice to have a warm cabin and a great meal to come back to.

Here we are with all the fish of Day One.

Should we use this as our Christmas card picture?

Oh yes....the couple that guts and cleans fish together, stays together.
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