Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lana + Two = FUN

On Saturday our girl turned two! She started the day by dragging her balloons and running though the house singing, "Happy day to you! Happy day to you!" And what a happy day it was!

Cousins, cupcakes, dancing and presents. What two-year old wouldn't love that? (click on collage to see pictures larger)

Some Lynden family were even able to make the trip across the state for the occasion, making the day extra special. It was great for us grown-ups to catch up with family we don't see often enough and Lana couldn't be happier than when she's included in whatever the big girls are doing (and kudos to the cousins who lovingly include her).

Lana's second year was definitely full of changes. She learned to walk and talk and (sort-of) tell knock-knock jokes. She's shown that she likes pink, sparkles, farm animals and pretending to take pictures while saying "cheeeeeese!" Her favorite songs are, "round and round" (Wheels on the Bus), "sing moon!" (Goodnight Moon), "sleepy bear" (a silly song I just made up one day) and "mommy Jesus" (I still haven't figured out what this song is, any ideas????). Through it all she is a delight and joy and I can only imagine what we have to look forward to in year three.
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dhlenssen said...

Oh wow! Look at those curls! She has lots more hair now. Very cute pictures. Thanks for sharing!